About FFA Boot Camp

John Halloran

John Halloran, Owner of FFA Boot Camp is a well known Certified Personal Trainer and group exercise instructor throughout Marin County, CA. He is currently the Corporate Personal Trainer and FFA Boot Camp instructor at Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company’s home office located in Novato, CA.

At a young age John was involved in health and fitness by doing various action sports including football, BMX and skateboarding. When John turned 18 years of age his passion for helping others in health and fitness grew so he became a certified personal trainer. After many years of training he developed a wide range of experience in the health and fitness industry: due to instructing boot camps for major corporations such as Birkenstock Sandals, Fireman’s fund Insurance Company as well as directing the personal training departments for both Meridian Sports Clubs in Novato.

John’s devotion to helping others has inspired him to create FFA Boot Camp in June of 2009 after teaching Boot Camp/Abs classes in several gyms for many years. John uses visualization to help his clients establish a connection between the mind and body to ensure safety and efficiency through movement and full range of motion exercises. His commitment to understanding and improving his fitness training is a clear and constant goal.

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